All I want to do is bake Christmas cookies drink beer and watch the Hallmark Gift T-Shirts

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I grew up in the church in Utah. I’m a single Shark Not Just Great But Essential Vintage Retro Shirt  Software Engineer. I enjoy board games, biking, hiking, and camping. I’m a fan of Doctor Who, and my favorite movie is Back to the Future. I’ve served in the Church as a missionary in Virginia, I’ve been a Sunday School teacher, a Ward Mission Leader, and Assistant Ward Clerk.

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I was born and raised in Utah and in the Church. I’m a single Shark Not Just Great But Essential Vintage Retro Shirt e attending a congregation of 18- to 30-year-old Young Single Adults in my area. In my congregation, I currently serve as the Extra Activities Committee Chair for the Relief Society. Essentially I plan an activity every couple of months for the sisters in the congregation. I served a mission in the Florida Jacksonville Mission for 18 months and returned from that about nine months ago. I currently work for the LDS Church News as an editorial assistant. While it’s a part of the Utah-based Deseret News, it’s an official publication of the Church with a national reach. I enjoy Zumba, knitting, writing, Batman, mysteries, superhero action movies, cross-stitching, Sherlock Holmes, traveling and blogging.

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